This Spring, 9 undergraduate members of Florida Xi attended the annual Carlson Leadership Academy. This event was an incredible learning experience for all undergraduate brothers in attendance. Through professional, position based seminars, conversing with other brothers, and developing an internal action plan to apply all these lessons, our board was able to truly evaluate what it means to be a Florida Xi SigEp and how we can better ourselves in the future.

Many informative leadership seminars were held over the course of the weekend, giving lessons in all the areas on the executive board team. These presentations were beneficial; however, we absorbed the most information from other undergraduate members of SigEp from our Region. 

On the car ride home even more ideas and inspiration was shared. As an executive board they wanted to convert their ideas to be quantitative, achievable goals. To accomplish this, they created a definitive action plan to put in place after returning. The plan broke down the priorities in each position in which needed improvement. This has proven to be very effective, and we have succeeded in many of the action areas.