Epsilon Page

Goal of the Challenge

The Epsilon Challenge is to take all that you learned so far to prepare you for life after college and to prepare you for mentoring younger brothers.  

Meeting Times

There are not meeting times for Epsilons


Any question about requirements please talk with Member Development or your Epsilon Coordinator.

Minimum Deadline to go through

There is no time limit on becoming a brother mentor. As soon as you become an epsilon you have full membership and will graduate a sigep regardless of the completion of this challenge.

After Completion of Requirements

After completion of requirements you will need to tell your coordinator and VP of Member Development and they will get in touch with the local alumni board to approve you going though.


  1. Do a full Ritual Study

  2. 3 Personal SMART goals

  3. Attend Life after College

  4. Social Skills/Dinner Date

  5. Recruit your own community mentor

  6. Workout Plan

  7. Physical Fitness Combine

  8. Lead and participate in a Public Ceremony

  9. Serve on Chair Position

  10. Have your resume reviewed by a professional

  11. Participate in sound body event in the community

  12. Seminar on eating healthy

  13. Create a project for the entire chapter (groups of 3)

  14. Attend 2 campus wide presentations

  15. Research Internship Opportunities

  16. Complete "Perfect interview" on FAU's website

  17. Community service project of classes choice

  18. Conduct a Meyers Briggs test

  19. Attend 2 big brothers and big sisters event

  20. Dress for success seminar

  21. Attend 3 Special Seminars

  22. Mentor a younger brother academically

  23. Participate in 1 ritual practice

  24. Recruitment Workshop

  25.  20 Community Service Hours per semester

  26. 10 library hours per week

  27. 1 Other Campus Group Involvemment