Phi Page

Goal of the Challenge

The Phi Challenge goal is to promote individual growth and development as a balanced man.

Meeting Times

Your phi coordinators will take a poll to see when the best times to meet for your class are.


Any question about requirements please talk with Member Development or your Phi Coordinator.

Minimum Deadline to go through

You have one year after the completion of the sigma challenge to go through to epsilon. As soon as you become an epsilon you have full membership but without it you will not be considered a full brother of sigep if you do not complete the requirements in time.

After Completion of Requirements

After completion of requirements you will need to tell your coordinator and VP of Member Development.


Phi Books (Phi books must all be printed, kept together, [written or typed but a hand written signed signature is a must] and they must be given to your coordinator alphabetically in a binder/folder to be considered a complete requirement)


Sound Mind 

  1. Three written personal goals for the semester
  2. Three personal reflection entries ( 250 words per refection on each meeting or why certain requirements are in the phi program )
  3. Religious Exploration ( Write a one thousand word paper on your religion or a religious belief you are interested in, past and present parts of that belief should be included [ you can write about atheism because that is still believing in something ] ) 
  4. Meet with Coordinator Bi-weekly about smart goals
  5. Read a motivational poem and analyze ( 250 words or less ) 
  6. Visit a museum
  7. Attend phi movie 
  8. Serve on a chapter committee/chair position/executive board/executive board of another organization ( not created by yourself or a brother )
  9. Must attend Phi Night of Virtue
  10. Community service project of class’s choice
  11. Be in another campus organization ( cannot be one created by a brother or yourself )
  12. Apply to Ruck Leadership Institute and the Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute
  13. Attend a Big Brother Big Sisters Event
  14. Create a resume and bring it to mock interview
  15. Dress to pin - mock interview with member development or coordinators ( Must be 48 hours in advance )
  16. Understand Local History
  17. Attend one executive board meeting
  18. Mentor a new member or other phi in either sound mind or sound body (ie academics/gym/work) on a regular basis 
  19. Attend an SI Session
  20. Go to a writing center or math center for help
  21. Meet with an academic advisor 
  22. Run a degree audit on yourself
  23. Have your course/workout schedule together
  24. Participate in a recruitment workshop 
  25. 20 community service hours and at least two days a week at library study hours  unless sanctioned for more.
  26. Phi Books 
  27. Must have attended an IFC or CPA meeting
  28. Must complete phi guidebook section

Sound Body

  1. Workout Plan (every day of the week planned out for your workout)
  2. Nutrition Plan (what you should or are eating every week)
  3. Attend a Seminar on Eating Healthy and Nutrition
  4. TRX Class at the Rec Center
  5. Do a full workout of a muscle group with one of your phi coordinators
  6. Attend team building activity
  7. Attend 1 brotherhood event as a phi
  8. Sound Body Combine

Bi-Weekly Schedule and Due Dates

Week of January 11-17: 

Goals and Introduction to Program ( Smart Goals Due at the end of the week meet with coordinators for approval )

Week of January 25-31:

Sound Body Combine

Week of February 1-7:

Phi Movie

Week of February 8-14:

TRX Class at the Rec (Work out plan and nutrition plan completed by end of week )

Week of February 22-28

Team Building Activity ( Must have a scheduled interview time before the end of the semester with coordinator ) 

Week of March 8-14

Seminar on Eating Healthy and Nutrition

Week of March 22-28

Boca Culture Activity

Week of April 5-11

Sound Body Ultimate Frisbee after Sound Body combine

Week of April 12-18

Phi Test and requirement approval