Sigma Page

Goal of the Challenge

The Sigma Challenge goal is to help brothers adjust and acclimate to the chapter, campus and community.

Meeting Times

Your sigma coordinators will take a poll to see when the best times to meet for your class are. Meetings will be each week. Sigma schedule is at the bottom of this page.


Any question about requirements please talk with Member Development or your sigma coordinators, Austin Evans or Jeremy Moorefield.

Minimum Deadline to go through

You have one semester to go through to phi. You must complete all of the requirements to go through 

After Completion of Requirements

After completion of requirements you will need to tell your coordinator and VP of Member Development.

Sigma books and Sigma Guide Book

Print out how ever many active epsilons and phis there are from the 'meet the chapter' tab on the website.


Sigma Guide Book

Sigma Test


  1. 3 written personal goals in your sigbook
  2. 3 personal reflection entries in your milestone journal
  3. sigma ritual study
  4. attend dinner with sigma coordinator
  5. read "beyond sound mind, sound body"
  6. attend meeting with FAU Greek life speaker
  7. campus orientation tour
  8. attend EDGE camp
  9. Understanding National Chapter History
  10. etiquette dinner
  11. pick a big brother for phi challenge
  12. complete sigma guidebook
  13. special seminar
  14. sign membership agreement
  15. attend chapter retreat
  16. sigep serenade w/ whole chapter
  17. Alchohol safety and awareness seminar
  18. pay full dues
  19. fifteen community service hours and must check if you are available to be a volunteer notetaker
  20. one other campus group involvement (club or organization)
  21. must be in good standing at the end of the semester
  22. study hours logged every week
  23. Overall sigma guidebook must be completed

Week to week

  1. Week one
    • Practice Quiz (paper and pen required)
    • Sigep Orientation
  2. Week two
  3. Week three
    • What are Sound Minds?
    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Brother Mentors
    • Frat/TFM is a joke
    • Separating the idea of terrorist, gangs, and organized crime
    • Quiz 1
  4. Week four
    • Nutrition and Alcohol Diet
    • Ropes coarse
  5. Week five
    • Risk Management (alcohol, drugs, women, and how individuals effect the whole)
    • Dress to impress with Brooks Brothers (Wear what you think is formal work attire)
    • Quiz 2
  6. Week six (Not at Regular Meeting Time)
    • Healthy Lifting and Workouts (Cutting/Gaining) Early Morning (Jeremy will be awake so you should be too)
    • Touching on muscle groups and what not to do
  7. Week seven
    • Sigma Community Service Event (If you miss you go on your own)
    • Talk about the importance of volunteering/ alumni/ and service
  8. Week eight
    • Quiz 3 (Grades decide teams for Sound Body)
    • Sound Body Ultimate Frisbee
  9. Week nine
    • Leadership
    • Eboard and Chair Position Discussion
  10. Week ten
    • End of Semester Combine 
    • Work Out Plan Creation
  11. Week eleven
    • Goals and Swat analysis
    • Final Exam Review (Test will be the following week) 
    • Etiquette Dinner (Have a date) Is after the sigma meeting
  12. Week twelve
    • Final Exam and Phi Ritual
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